NEB Tm Calculator

Another great online tool from New England Biolabs INC.

NEB Tm Calculator is used to estimate an appropriate annealing temperature in NEB PCR products.

The tool fields are:

  • Product Group: select a value from Q5, Q5 Hot Start, Q5U Hot Start, OneTaq, OneTaq Hot Start, Hot Start Taq, Taq DNA Polymerase, LongAmp Taq, LongAmp Hot Start Taq, Hemo KlenTaq, Vent, Deep Vent, Master Mix, Phusion, Phusion Hot Start Flex, EpiMark Hot Start.
  • Polymerase/kit: select a value from Vent DNA polymerase or Vent (exo-) DNA polymerase.
  • Primer concentration.
  • Primer 1.
  • Primer 2.

NEB Tm Calculator at

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