mirTools 2.0

The MicroRNAs (miRNAs) can be defined as small, non-coding RNA. This miRNAs usually have a about 20 to 22 nucleotides. The main known role of this miRNAs is that they negatively regulate gene expression at post-transcriptional level. miRNAs play important roles in different pathological and physiological processes. Taken this into account, the identification and analysis …

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CpG island Searcher

CpG island Searcher. CpG islands are generally described as 200-bp stretch of DNA with a C+G content of 50% and an observed CpG/expected CpG in excess of 0.6. CpG islands located in the promoter regions of genes can play important roles in gene silencing and imprinting. With CpG island Searcher you can select the following …

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