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Here we attached one of the most complete Unit Conversion sites. In this website you can calculate many parameters from different subjects: Common Converters: Currency, Length, Weight and Mass, Volume, Temperature, Area, Pressure, Energy, Power, Force, Time, Velocity, Angle, Fuel Consumption, Numbers and Data Storage Converter. Engineering Converters: Velocity – Angular, Acceleration, Acceleration – Angular, …

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According to the to the International System of Units, the standard unit for frequency is the Hertz (Hz).


The acceleration can be defined as the rate at which the velocity of an object changes with time. According to the International System of Units, the standard unit for acceleration is meters/square second (m/s2 is meters/square second).

Recipes Calculator

Having a lazy day? Select the final volume of the solution that you need and with one click you will have the recipe ready!! This tool provided by CurrentProtocols calculates the volume or weight of the components of a broad number of buffers and solutions commonly used in research in a biomedical laboratory: TAE electropforesis …

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Centrifugation speed: rpm to g conversion

Many microcentrifuges only have settings for speed (revolutions per minute, RPM), not relative centrifugal force, but to be more accurate, certain procedures necessitate precise centrifugation conditions, which must be specified in terms of relative centrifugal force (RCF) expressed in units of gravity (times gravity or × g). The relationship between revolutions per minute (RPM) and …

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Unit converter Sigma

With the Sigma online tool Unit Converter, the user can calculate different parametres such us mass/weight, volume, absorbance, flow rate…