Molecular Genetics

Molecular Genetics

NEBcutter V3.0

Use NEBcutter2.0 tool to find the restriction sites within your DNA sequence, identifiying the sites for both Type II and comercially available Type III restriction enzymes. Enter your DNA sequence (maximun length 300KBases) and click on “submit” to find the restriction sites. Visit the original link: The original tool is not working? visit the …

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Blast NCBI+ Tutorials (EN/ES)

Basic Logical Alignment Search Tool BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) is a bioinformatics tool that is used to search for similar sequences in a database. It compares a query sequence against a database of sequences and finds the highest scoring matches. English Tutorial BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) is a bioinformatics tool that …

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mirTools 2.0

The MicroRNAs (miRNAs) can be defined as small, non-coding RNA. This miRNAs usually have a about 20 to 22 nucleotides. The main known role of this miRNAs is that they negatively regulate gene expression at post-transcriptional level. miRNAs play important roles in different pathological and physiological processes. Taken this into account, the identification and analysis …

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Oligo Analyzer

With this primer design tool, provided by Integrated DNA Technologies, the user can analyze the input sequence (up to 255 bases) obtaining helpful data: GC content, molecular weight, complementary sequence, a representative image of the hairpin, self-dimer and heterodimer structures formation of the primer sequences… Moreover, Oligo Analyzer 3.1, allows you to Blast your primer …

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Vector Builder

Vector Builder is a really useful free online tool where you can design (and purchase) a custom-built vector with a few clicks. In three steps you could design your expression vector, or order targeting vectors and Bac modification vectors. Selecting your requirements in Vector Builder you can construct your vector and the map will be …

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Reverse complement

With this DNA reverse and complementary sequence generator online tool, the user can convert the RNA or DNA sequence into: Reverse, complementary and reverse-complementary DNA or RNA sequence.  

Tandem Repeats Finder

Tandem Repeats Finder in a free software that analyze the DNA sequence to find two or more adjacent, approximate copies of a pattern of nucleotides. Witj this software there is no need to specify the size or pattern sequence. Once you submit a sequence for analysis, in a few seconds you will get two files: …

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Promoter 2.0

Promoter2.0 is a free online tool that predicts transcription start sites of vertebrate Pol II promoters in DNA sequences. To input a sequence: a) paste a single sequence or a number of sequences in FASTA format into the window, or b) upload your FASTA file.

CpG island Searcher

CpG island Searcher. CpG islands are generally described as 200-bp stretch of DNA with a C+G content of 50% and an observed CpG/expected CpG in excess of 0.6. CpG islands located in the promoter regions of genes can play important roles in gene silencing and imprinting. With CpG island Searcher you can select the following …

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Phylodendrom: phylogenetic tree printer

Phylodendrom is a phylogenetic tree printer, once you have the newick or nh format of your data, you can upload the file to this site and select the phylogenetic tree style that you want to represent (cladogram, phenogram, eurogram…). Find a brief Phylodendrom manual here.