Sequence Scanner

Applied Biosystems Sequence Scanner Software enables you to view, print, export and edit sequence data generated using the Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers. This software generates reports that will help userts to highlight the trends in data quality, focus attention in failed samples and produce graphical reports to better compare sets of samples.

The main characteristics to point out of this software are:

    • Data Viewing in Multiple Options.
    • Compare signal intensities from well to well with uniform Y scaling.
    • View simultaneously analyzed and raw data for a single trace.
    • Identify low quality traces and spot sample failures.
    • Export reports into commonly used presentation formats.
    • Edit bases according to your expertise.
    • Signal strenath report enables the user to observe trends across runs and capillaries.

To download the Sequence Scanner Software v1.0 product bulletin – visit here
To download Free Sequence Scanner Software v1.0 -visit here




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