BioEdit sequence alignment editor

BioEdit is an easy-to-use biological sequence alignment editor. This free software is intended to supply a single program that can handle most simple sequence and alignment editing and manipulation functions that researchers are likely to do on a daily basis, as well as a few basic sequences analyses. 

With BioEdit you will access to a variety of useful tools:

  • Manual alignment.
  • In-color alignment and editing.
  • Plasmid drawing interface for automated creation of plasmid vector graphic. This tools will allow you to create boxes ans arrows and highlight restriction sites on your plasmid vector graphic.
  • Group sequences into groups or families.
  • Sort sequences by residue frequency in a selected column. 
  • Merge alignments through a reference sequence.
  • Phylogenetic tree viewer.
  • Verbally read back sequences in single sequence editor to verify hand-typed sequence entries.
  • Easy customization of menu shortcuts for editor window
  • RNA comparative analysis.
  • Amino acid and nucleotide composition analyses and plots
  • Align protein-encoding nucleic acid sequences through amino acid translation.
  • ClustalW multiple sequence alignment

To download this free tool and the .pdf manual – visit here

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