Research Methods

Internet provides a broad number online resources that could help you on a daily basis research. Here I enclose a few websites that I found really useful in my lab work. Enjoy the protocols and improve your techniques following the advices of experts in the subject.

Would you like to share your protocol with the research community? Visit these websites:

Protocol Online. – visit here

Current protocols. – visit here

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments). -visit here

Protocol Exchange. -visit here

These resources are a collection of open access scientific methods that are expanded day by day with the participation of researchers. They reach a large number of researchers presenting innovative techniques and “tricks” in science, helping to disseminate this information, accelerating scientific research.

All the methods and protocol categories that you would like to find are included in these websites: plant biology, immunology, animal techniques, molecular biology, biochemestry, microbiology, histology, biochemestry, microscopy, developmental biology, magnetic resonance imaging, neuroscience… You can also post your comments and tips in these sites. Find a list of troubleshooting tips and visit the forum and blogs linked to this sites to help you in your lab work.

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